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Design the Network Infrastructure

This is a two part assignment. Part 1 is the IP Scheme for the network (completed and attached) Part 2 is the Visio network design that details network components with IP addresses. Please Provide legend for Network Diagram.

Part 2: Design the Network Infrastructure

Create a network drawing using Visio or, specific to this organization listing the network’s topology.

In your diagram, include any necessary hardware. The drawing should include enough detail to show the interconnections of the topology. The viewer should be able to understand the Bacon Enterprises network environment.

All devices require hostnames and should use the following naming conventions:

  • Routers: Rx; where x is the site number
  • Switches: Sx; where x is the site number
  • Include necessary details for high availability.
  • Any external source that is consulted should be cited properly.

Note: You will need to use this diagram in Project 3, so save the source file.

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