Design a site about Web 2.0

In this assignment, you will build a simple yet complete Web site which introduces Web 2.0. The following zip file contains all the text content and images you need to build this Web site:


The following are the requirements for this assignment:

  • All your HTML files and CSS files need to pass W3C validation. This is a MUST. If any of your HTML file doesn’t validate, 20 points will be taken off; and if any of your CSS file doesn’t validate, also 20 points will be taken off. Click here for a help on validating HTML and CSS.
  • The layout of the web pages need to be exactly the same as the pages in screen shots.
  • One should be able to navigate to any page using the available links on each page. Test all your links to make sure that they’re not broken.
  • Your files need to be organized as the one in the following screenshot, also you must have the same exact file names as the ones in the picture:
    assignment 4 directory structure

Extra Credit

Extra 20 points will be rewarded if you make an additional page called “examples.html” and add an entry to the navigation list on the right hand side on every page, so that one can go to this page from any other page by clicking the link provided. This html file should be in the same exact folder where other html files are. The contents and and a screen shot of this page are provided in the zip file above.


You should compress all your files into a zip (.zip) file and name like “assign4_<Your name>.zip“. Use FTP client to submit the file to “Assignment4” directory under “CS134” submission directory. If you don’t know how to use FTP client to submit your assignment, click here for a detailed explanation.

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