At this point of your personal and academic life, what is your definition of a family? Please provide a comprehensive definition including who are the members. This doesn’t need to be about your actual family, provide your own definition of how you construct the notion of “family.” 2.How do members communicate in your actual family? Keep in mind that communication acts do not only include talking, but also nonverbal communication. Give an example. 3.Give an example of a habitual family communication act and explain what the act means for the family. In other words, describe something that your family does (or did) habitually, and then analyze the act for its deeper meaning.For example: In Sarah’s family, gatherings usually are cheerful moments when family members get tosee one another and have long talks. However, for the family, such events mean more than just having a good dinner and spend some time together. In Sarah’s family, gatherings also are opportunities for members to share what happened in their lives, discuss their problems and seek for support and advice. Family is viewed as a supportive and caring environment by family members. 4.From any chapter in any of our text so far analyze your family from one of the theoretical approaches to communication. Provide an example from your own experience. Make sure that the example/s you give demonstrate the theoretical approach you intend it to

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