Decision-Making Process Evaluation

In life and work environment, we encounter many situations that warrant us to make decisions. Making the right decisions is an important skill especially in the work environment since a single decision can ruin or help the company grows. Therefore, we must learn the process of making the right decisions that will always lead to a positive outcome even in the event of a crisis. Recently, in our firm I was involved in making a decision, a process that made me appreciate the process of making decisions. I was the leader of a team that was tasked to come up with a name and the way to package a new product from our company. I had to facilitate the brainstorming sessions that were used to come up with the names of the product and given the final authority to pick the best name for the team. Also, I had to assign the team to research packaging methods on similar products in the market to make appealing to consumers, and then decide on the best method from the suggested ones.

Influence of the Decision Making Process

In deciding on our firm, the decision-making process had a lot of influence the way I made the decision and the outcome of the decisions. The decision I was expected to make was to come up with a product name and packaging method.  A poor decision could lead to the product having a poor penetration in the market, which could lead blames being heaped on me. Knowing the sensitivity of the issue, I decided to employ the decision making process skills.

The first step in the process, which is the identification of the decision, helped to know with clarity the decision I was supposed to make in the process to avoid wasting time and resources to pursue other issues that did not matter in the process (Neukrug, Lovell, & Parker, 1996).  I could then proceed to the next step in the process which is information gathering.  Having learned the process, I was able to give the members of my team specific instructions on the information they were to gather in the field. Packaging the products appeals the consumers, so the team had specific instructions to go to look for information from consumers.

The third step in decision making is considering the alternatives. Using the skills in this step, it was easy to come up with various suggestions on names and packaging methods that were relevant to our product (Neukrug, Lovell, & Parker, 1996). The process also helped me to weigh the options presented, which is the step four of the process. I was able to eliminate the unfeasible and undesirable processes and names and left with few suitable alternatives.

Choosing among the alternatives is the fifth step using the process. This step was made easier by previous steps especially information gathering. I could know what was in the minds of consumers and what they prefer, there could I could easily make an alternative that favored them. Implementation followed as the sixth step (Neukrug, Lovell, & Parker, 1996). This process involved explaining to the company’s board of my decision and get support from other employees. The step also involved searching and organizing resources to adopt the brand the new name and packaging.  As the implementation was over, the company was happy with the new name, and packaging that looked appealing to consumers, I had to review the process (Neukrug, Lovell, & Parker, 1996).  This is the final step, whereby I was looking at the mistakes I made in the process and how to avoid them next time.

Effectiveness of Decision Making Process

The processing of making a decision is challenging, though makes the overall challenge easier to handle.  There were steps that were hard more challenging than others were. One of the major challenging stages in the process involves picking out an option from the possible alternatives.  Most of the options appeared perfect and chose a perfect one was tricky. Additionally, choosing the alternative that satisfies all the set conditions set by the management was not easy. The packaging method had to appeal to consumers, cost-effective, unique environmentally friendly. Therefore, to pick the method that could satisfy all these conditions was hard.

The process of weighing the evidence was also challenging. A lot of time is spent on going through the information collected to come up with suitable processes. Some of the information collected was conflicting; therefore, one has to take some time to assess which one carried more weight than the other. Additionally, some of the information given was not enough to help in weighing the option, and one was forced to go to the previous step of information gather to look for more information regarding a certain issue.

However, the decision-making process can be termed overall effective. It helps one in focusing the important parts in the decision. It also helps in saving time and resources used to make a decision.  The first stage especially brings one into the focus of the decision that requires being made promptly. The step by step process is also quick to understand and apply widely.

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