A 24 year old women with 3 kids and grew up poor with a single mom. Currently a single mom and am a full time student and working. English 2089 Cultural Autobiography Write your own cultural autobiography. Think about what communities you belong to and which one (or possibly two that are connected) have had the most influence on who you are. In this essay you will need to tell stories to weave together who you are. You also need to research a bit about your cultural background; perhaps your family is proud of its ethnic heritage and you want to investigate where your ancestors are from. Or perhaps you changed churches from the religion you were raised into something else, but you want to understand more about why one denomination worked better for you than another; you could find out more about one or both denominations’ beliefs or history. The autobiography should reflect how you fit into a larger community and how that community helps you see yourself as an individual. • I should have a specific audience, which you have planned out in advance • It should be richly detailed. Seize opportunities to show what you mean, rather than simply explain it. • You should be discussing/explaining the culture as well as your place in it and your feel-ings toward it. Length: at least 5 pages

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