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CS-250-Q1507 5-2 Assignment: Product Application

CS-250-Q1507 5-2 Assignment: Product Application

I’ll provide you with all login information when the assignment is accepted.


Sometimes, in the course of a development, the requirements for a project will change and adapt. When this happens, the Product Owner will need to re-prioritize the Product Backlog so that the team can focus on the features deemed most important. Typically, the new features would be broken down into user stories that are deemed “ready to work” by the team. This ensures that everyone understands the new features and the team’s adjusted priorities. In this assignment, your Product Owner will announce an adjusted feature for the SNHU Travel project. You will assume the role of developer and make the changes to existing code based on the new information from the Product Owner.

Note: If you have questions or issues with this assignment, submit them to the Development Questions Discussion topic. Check the topic periodically and provide answers to your classmates. However, do not ask for or provide specific code for an assignment.


Watch the Product Owner and Scrum-agile Team Animation interaction between the Product Owner and the rest of the Scrum Team. A text version of the animation is available here: CS 250 Product Owner and Scrum-agile Team Animation Text Version.

As the developer, you have been asked to modify existing code so that it fulfills the new requirements from the Product Owner.

  1. Download the Slide file for the updated Slide Show control the Product Owner gave you in Module Four, and import it into Eclipse.
  2. Update the Slide Show control with pictures and text for the new requirements specified by the Product Owner this week.
    Note: Carefully read through the code that you have been given first. Be sure to only change the elements related to the updated requirements from the Product Owner.
  3. Provide specific comments that explain the purpose of lines or sections of your code and detail the approach and method you took to achieve a specific task in the code.
  4. After you have finished completing your assignment, check the code you created. Ask yourself the following questions as you review your work:
    • Did I revise all appropriate sections of code related to the new requirements?
    • Is the software functional?
    • Did I add comments to explain the changes I made and why I made them?

Guidelines for Submission

Export your Eclipse Java Project to an executable JAR file. This will include the source code and the image files so the full basic Slide Show control can run. Submit the JAR file.

Note: For additional instructions on how to create an executable JAR file, watch the following video: SNHU Export Files to JAR.

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