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Critically evaluate the major theoretical and empirical studies of national cultural differences, assessing their impact and contributions on managing across cultures Critically evaluate the business implications of globalisation for effective management

Write a literature review of empirical work that focuses on international/cross-cultural management and/or work.

Focus on research from year 2000 onwards and use books and journal articles available to you through the databases at UCB Athens.

Write a critical review of recent empirical research that uses ONE of the following theoretical constructs:

A) High Context /Low Context Communication

B) Cultural Values

You must not write an essay about these theories. You must review papers that use these constructs as their theoretical framework.

You should critically reflect on methodological approaches, research context and their impact on cross-cultural management.

Your review should include a brief introduction, and a summary of research in your area to date, implications for business and possible areas for future research and an appendix with a literature matrix.

Your introduction should include a succinct summary of the theoretical construct you have chosen.

You should include a minimum of 10 primary research articles in your review. Your review should only evaluate studies that are based on primary research published in peer reviewed journals dated 2000-2020. You can complement your literature review with other sources as well, however your literature matrix should be based on primary research articles.

You should demonstrate an ability to compare and contrast research approaches in relation to your chosen topic and theoretical construct.

Work at the highest level will produce a synthesis of writing on the topic.

2500 Words (excluding the literature matrix and references and any appendices)

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