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Creating an instruction set

i want someone expert in writing to write for me instruction set about “How set up virtualbox on mac”. Theres example posted below for instruction set . Also

the instruction should :

  • Share all pertinent information and details so that the audience understands the process completely;
  • Be easy to read and understand through the use of precise, clear, and stylistically-sound language;
  • Anticipate questions or concerns from audience by providing explanations or resources, as well as safety information (if applicable);
  • Feature short headings to highlight major points, as well as important information throughout by underlining, bullets, numbers, bold type, etc.;
  • Be easy to peruse, with good design choices that create a cohesive document; and
  • Contain appropriate visuals or graphics and use them effectively.

Its veryIMPORTANT to follow this also to follow the rubric posted below

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