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Course work

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Critical Analysis Essay

The piece in this coursework was taken from a world wide web which says “ We believe in a free flow of

information”; thus, under their license it allows republication of their article for free either online or in print.

As utilised in this coursework, some words are unlocked and/or deleted and replaced with the simple

terms to suit the purpose of this academic paper; however, the substance of the article is maintained.

Read carefully and thoroughly evaluate the article. Your critical analysis essay must anchor on what point of

the article does well and what it does poorly. Follow the sequence given below and write the correct

subheadings of your paper.

Labor looks to boost protections for workers in insecure jobs: Albanese

October 29, 2019

By Michelle Grattan

Anthony Albanese has promised to open a “conversation” about new ways of protecting workers in

relation to insecure employment. In his speech on jobs and the future of work, which was delivered in Perth

he declared that today’s new employment arrangements were straining the present industrial relations

system. He added that, with the rise of job insecurity and widespread casual employment, many people had

unpredictable income and few protections. The employees were unable to plan ahead, including *their


Albanese stipulated that “the employees deserve a greater sense of security.” Furthermore, he said

that employers’ option is to look at the barriers in offering full time jobs to workers. He revealed that some of

the Uber drivers had a separate full-time job, or a business. It is time to have a discussion about new forms of

worker protections, which can be made as flexible as their jobs could cover would benefit more traditional

industries.” He lifted the idea of portable entitlements, this means to allow a worker to carry entitlements

over from one job to the next job. The labor’s shadow industrial relations’ Minister in the named of Tony Burke

leads the discussion about protections. Albanese propelled messages to the Minister and said that workers

under his leadership focused on jobs, looking to the future and is not afraid of change. The speech also cast

a changing economy as the generator of new jobs and a booming manufacturing industry concentrated on

repositioning labor but not providing detailed policy.

The centrality of growth and outlined a framework for tackling the problem of the mismatch in the

labour market were emphasised. During the discussion it was pointed out what employers needed and what

workers had to offer. The Vocational Education and Training system (VET) that is already overhauled by the

government as it is in crisis was also described. Albanese said, “Commencement of a national project to repair

VET system must be started.” The numbers working towards an apprenticeship had fallen. At present, there

were fewer apprentices and trainees as compared when the coalition government came in.

In the government, Minister Tony Burke would seek a circuit breaker, with a new body along the lines

of Infrastructure Australia. The labor in the government will establish a new national partnership to drive

improved outcomes in the vocational education and training sector and to strengthen workforce planning,

particularly in the growing sectors of the economy. This body will be a genuine partnership across all sectors,

business leaders (both large and small), state and territory governments, unions, education providers, and

those who understand particular areas. Its functions would include: workforce and skills analysis; preparing

capacity studies, including the emerging and growing industries; undertaking specific plans for targeted

cohorts such as workers aged over-55, and youth; and reviewing the adequacy of the training and vocational

system. Its legislation would also require it to forecast workforce and skills needed for government funded

services, and where demand was growing specifically the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), aged

care and health. This specific function will ensure that proper coordination occurs across all our human

services investments and that the risk to service delivery or cost is reduced.

Albanese thought that the jobs landscape a decade from now was uncertain. He continued that, we

can watch the tidal wave of change coming, then be swept away by it. Or we can protect our citizens by giving

them a fair shot at a prosperous future. Government must understand the landscape and the forces that drive

change. It must be proactive, not reactive.

(*italics words slight modification is made)

Tasks to do:

Task 1. Introduction. Mention the title of the article, the author’s name and the date of its publication in a

most articulated manner. Identify author’s ideas, views, opinions, propositions and / or theory. Discuss the

main idea presented by the author in his article. ( 300 words)

Task 2. Summary. This means you have to conscisely mention who are the people involve in the article, what

are their participations, where they are located, why they became part of the conversation, and how they can

make a change in the labour system. ( 400 words)

Task 3. Analysis. Critically state what you like and what you do not like in the article. Explain your ideas with

specific examples. You must research related literature ( writings, works, texts, books, reliable online published

articles ) concepts or principles to support your claims. Forget not to reflect in your coursework paper the

sources of your supporting discussions. Your analysis be made up of several different paragraphs reflecting

your ideas with supporting discussion of other experts. (1,000 words)

Task 4. Conclusion. Write your brief but concise reflective learning from the article you have critically analyse.

(300 words)


note: check the pdf

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