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Continuous Alignment with business goals

Business Services Division (BSD)
BSD employs standard business practices to provide continuous support for DSCA IT mission systems and services essential for success of the SC Enterprise. Support includes the IT Service Desk to field and address customer issues; operate and maintain the IT infrastructure (network); partner, stakeholder and customer engagement; Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and the associated Joint Service Provider (JSP); monitor and oversee customer and support service level agreements; manage DSCA IT assets; manage IT procurements; contract management support and provide human resource services. Strategically aligned, BSD delivers the underlying IT systems and services inherently needed to meet and exceed SC Enterprise expectations.

Enterprise Application Development and Support Division (EADSD)
EADSD develops, operates, maintains, and enhances mission systems and databases in support of the SC Enterprise. These systems are developed in accordance with requirements established by the DoD Chief Information Officer, Defense Information Systems Agency, and U.S. Cyber Command. EADSD also provides some limited IT support to the DSCA mission system development and support teams. Projects and priorities for EADSD are consistent with DSCA Chief Information Officer and IT Governance Board guidance.


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