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Consider the following jobs along with their arrivals time and a time slice of 4 million seconds: Arrival time 0 1 2 3 Job A B C D CPU Cycle 8 4 9 5 Using the round robin scheduling algorithm: Calculate the average turnaround time (8 marks)

Question One (30 marks)

Clearly explain the differences between the following early systems:

(5 marks)

Batch systems
Multiprogrammed batch systems
Time sharing systems
Parallel systems
Real-time systems

Briefly explain two fundamental responsibilities of an operating system

(2 marks)

Five, A through E, arrive at a computer center having estimated run-times of 10, 6, 2, 4 and 8 minutes. Their priorities are 3,5,2,1 and four respectively (with 1 being the highest priority). For each of the following scheduling algorithms. Draw a table and clearly show how the jobs would be processed. Also determine the mean process turnaround time.

Using the Algorithms below

Priority scheduling

(4 marks)

Round Robin

(4 marks)


(2 marks)

NB: Assume that the time quantum is 1 minute

Briefly describe the following memory management terminologies

Locality of reference

(2 marks)

Working set

(2 marks)

Page replacement policy

(2 marks)

Dirty page /dirty bit

(2 marks)

Outline the various situations when the process schedule has to make scheduling decisions.





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