Comparing Sexual Response Cycles

Comparing Sexual Response Cycles

Sexual response occurs in four phases in both male and female namely: Excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. This essay seeks to distinguish the sexual response cycles in both genders. Specifically, the study identifies the commonalities as well as differences of sexual response cycles in both genders.

Excitement Phase

Excitement phase entails erection of the penis, enlarged testicular volume, advancement of the testes as well as the contraction of scrotal in the male. Young males experience this within few seconds following sexual arousal, while old men may take longer in getting an erection dependent on direct simulation. Conversely, in women, excitement phase entails clitoris as well as labial engorgement, enlargement of the vagina, elevation, and vaginal walls thickening, enlargement of breasts and uterus engorgement.

However, according to state Carroll & Carroll, (2016), both genders may experience erection of nipples and increased mytonia. Additionally, male and female will experience high heart rate as well as blood pressure.

Plateau Phase

Though termed as a region “level,” plateau phase refers to a progressive arousal state preceding the orgasm. Males experience a slim upsurge in the circumference of the penis coronal ridges as well as a color variation within the glans to a purplish hue. Further, testicles elevate in preparing for ejaculation. Many males also experience few Cowper glands droplet secretion at the meatus. Female, on the contrary, may experience vasocongestion of the minor vagina causing orgasmic platform formation. The inner part of vagina fully expands while the uterus is wholly elevated.  Further, the clitoris withdraws beneath the hood of clitoral, as the labia minora color changes (Masters, Johnson, & Reproductive Biology Research Foundation 2010).

Nevertheless, both genders may evidence sexual flashes as mytonia increases. Breathing also becomes rapid as heart rate increases; Blood pressure also continues rising in both genders at this stage. Additionally, plateau phase is shorter in younger men in comparison to female leading the maxim that males are endpoint oriented while females are expedition oriented. Another metaphor describing this stage is that males are like switches, which are easily switched on, or off while the female is a hundred candles, which take longer to light but once lit it, difficult to blow them out.

Orgasmic Phase

The orgasmic phase entails a series of contractions of muscles at the ultimate of arousal. Throughout this phase, breathing, blood pressure as well as heart rate occur at maximum capacity.  The orgasmic phase is the shortest of the four phases.  Males experience a collection of semen within the urethral bulb, which is later expelled through the penis tip. Women, on the other hand, experience contraction of the uterus; clitoris will remain within the hood as the organismic platform diminishes 3 to 14 times rhythmically state (Carroll & Carroll, 2016).

Resolution Phase

Resolution Phase is the final stage of sexual response cycle. The male and females both experience, breathing, blood pressure as well as heart rate reduction to normal. In case flush sex occurs within the female, it vanishes. While erection in men subsides and the testes retract to normal, women clitoris, labia and the uterus shrink to its normal size.  Another difference is evident in the refractory period. Within the refractory period, males are unable of experiencing another ejaculation or orgasm physiologically. On the contrary, females rarely experience refractory period but instead experience compound orgasms without returning to their arousal state (Carroll & Carroll, 2016).


Sexual responses occur through excitement, plateau, organismic and resolution phases. Recognizing physical sensations for sexual enhancement and partnership guidance is significant. However, readiness for sex varies from situations, times as well as individuals. Sexual aspect requires more learning.

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