Community/Public Health Nursing

Craft of Research, Chs. 3-5: From A Topic, to A Central Question, to Sources

100 words or more

As you carefully, and completely, read chapters 3,4,and 5 of The Craft of Research, give here your rolling analysis of the authors’ arguments in each chapter. It’s safe to say that the approach that they recommend here is pretty conventional (working from a topic to sources), and not really one of “flipping the script” by working from sources to a topic. Yet, in a way, might it be important to keep doing both as we do our research, to keep putting our likely topic into analytical conversation with likely sources,and vice versa, both using sources to refine topics and keeping our refined topic in mind as we go in quest of more and better sources? Reflect and discuss here how such a back-and-forth approach might help you to generate and present more pointed, and evidentially well-founded research.

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