Communicable Disease Categoy 1 Medical Officce

As we learned through our medical coding assignment, Category I communicable diseases require immediate reporting and also may require modifications in practices and procedures within the healthcare setting. Dr. Justin Case has requested that you research and identify the modifications required during a Category I COVID-19 pandemic. He has asked that you prepare this in presentation format, which he will then deliver to all staff within Johnson Medical Clinic.


  • Research the requirements and modifications necessary within the clinical setting during a Category I COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Presentation must be a minimum of ten slides.
  • Using appropriate software (e.g., PowerPoint), create a presentation for Dr. Justin Case that includes this information.
  • The presentation must include a list of the resources you used for your information.
  • Remember your audience: the entire clinic staff!

An accurate presentation earns 50 points. The grading rubric is attached. 

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