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Cognitive Rationality

Definitional clarity is especially necessary in politics because terms like democracy,
socialism, and conservatism often have more than one meaning and are commonly misused or
misunderstood. Before we can engage in fully competent analysis of socio-political action
however, we need to first truly identify the “stage” upon which actions take place.
Action in Space and Time
To analyze any social and behavioral phenomenon (remember, this is the social and
behavioral sciences!); we need to note and “see” that humans exist in the context of what I am
calling a Space-Time Sphere of Social Action. That is, there is a psycho-narrative social
interactional sphere within which one lives day-to-day and acts here and now (action space)
which surrounds our conscious experience of ourselves in the world. Our story of self
(everything we believe we are and what we do and what we experience) and our story of us
(how we experience our relationships with other and are experienced by others); happens in the
context of our story of here and now. Thus, this is a space-time sphere of social action.
Within this Space-Time Sphere of Social Action, that which we believe to be true, will
be true for us in our experience regardless of whether it is true in fact or not (the Thomas
Theorem). The degree to which our beliefs about reality (belief structures or B.S.) are not in
concurrence with actual reality (idea systems or reality as it I.S.) is the degree to which our
psychological way of being is neurotic or dysfunctional versus being healthy and functional.
Our world view or frame of perceptual reference is manifested always within the sphere of
relationship with others (social interaction in dynamic action space here and now).
What is proposed here is that when one comes from the world view of the life ethic
(seeking to understand and heal {together} rather than to morally judge and exclude {or
“wound” others}); they come to see and understand people as “merely” behaving in a SpaceTime Sphere of Social Action; wherein they enact their lives through interwoven narratives: a
story of self in the context of a story of us (our relations) in the context of a story of now (only
“now” exists driven by the past and pulled by the future).


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