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Choose an anatomical defect

Paper Process: Choose an anatomical defect. Introduction should briefly introduce topic & discuss why you chose it. Describe normal anatomy (not embryology alone) and then describe the anatomical defect. Describe how the defect changes the function of the body. Describe treatment and outcome with/without treatment. Overall conclusion paragraph. Paper may be illustrated with photos, diagrams, etc., but cite references for them appropriately. 1000-1250 words…word count in parenthesis at end of paper. Double-spaced Include a Title page….ok to put a picture on the Title page but cite reference if appropriate….should have Title, Your Name, Class info & Date. References for information & illustrations should be cited in the paper & a Bibliography at the end of the paper Bibliography should be in MLA format with a minimum of three sources, not Wikipedia. Course Resources Grading: Word count – 10 points Title page – 5 points Bibliography – 5 points Appropriate references cited within paper/illustrations – 5 points Spelling & Grammar – 5 points Content – 20 points Rubric for grading of Anatomical Defect paper Presentation: The presentation will be given in front of the class on Monday December 2. It should be less than 5 minutes in length. You may use electronic formats such as Power Point or similar. Assume the audience has no knowledge of anatomy or the defect. Reading your paper aloud is also acceptable. Your classmates & I can’t wait to hear about your topic, so have fun with it.


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