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Character Analysis Essay English

As you start, first steps to do:
1 Pick your characters ( see the character list/ choose a female and male character from any 2 different works we used in this class
2 Consider the Literary Character traits ( flat/ dynamic/round,…) for EACH of the 3 characters
* Remember you have to use Mrs Tessie Hutchinson and 2 characters of your choice/ one male and
one female
3. Choose 2 Theories ( see below the first Document ” Details of the Final ” for the list of the theories)
4. Consider EACH of your character in terms of the chosen 2 theories, write down your notes
5. After having drafter all these, start with building your essay: Decide if you will be doing Block style or Integrated style ( See the document NOTES from Zoom discussion)

6. Start drafting/ structuring your essay ( Consider the suggested Essay structure details ( in a boxed text) in the 1st document on Details of the Final ( right after the list of Theories).

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