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challenges and barriers within the medical profession

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Module 1

Knowledge of HIPAA is an essential part of the Medical Administrative Assistant role. The HIPAA Privacy Rule grants patients’ rights and access over their information created and maintained at a health organization including changing or amending their information when it is incorrect.

The first page of your submission will provide an overview of the privacy aspect of HIPAA, it’s importance, and a discussion of your reflections on the protections provided by the law and how that can be reflected in your own philosophy of providing excellent patient services.

The second page of your submission will be a formal letter, in block format, denying a patient’s request of health information at the health organization you work at. Written communication can reflect an organization’s image and the writer’s level of professionalism. When writing a formal letter, the format of the message must be appropriate content explaining the denial and have an understanding of the audience it is directed to- an organization’s patient.

This submission will contain two parts- Part A and Part B. Please submit as one document.

Requirements of Part A

Provide an overview of the privacy aspects of HIPAA and their importance
Discussion of own reflections of HIPAA and how it can assist customer service
Minimum of 1 page
Requirements of Part B

Draft a formal letter denying a patient request to their health information
Provide proper reason(s) why the request is being denied
Apply a tone within the letter that is directed towards your audience- patient
Use block letter formatting.
Remember to apply a tone that’s suitable for your medical patient audience.
Minimum of 1 page
Module 2

Policies are an integral component of an employee handbook. This week for your project, you will create an employee policy relating to HIPAA to include in your employee handbook.

In a minimum of 2 pages, include the following:

An office policy surrounding HIPAA and guidelines that employees must follow. Include in the office policy:
Principles and ethical beliefs of the organization
Why it’s important for your organization to follow HIPAA guidelines
The role that HIPAA guidelines play in upholding your organization’s values, integrity, and ethical practices.
Discuss how HIPAA policies may be received based on cultural differences.
As you draft your policy, remember your audience. You should use a suitable tone and develop your content in a way that will speak to and connect with your employee audience.
It may be helpful for you to compare various organizations’ privacy acts and regulations; organizations with and without HIPAA regulations pertaining to privacy.

Module 3

Diversity and teamwork are essential in the provisions of healthcare. No single professional can deliver a complete episode of healthcare. Teamwork is required for high quality and safe patient care. It is also important for healthcare organizations to recruit and retain a diverse group of employees that better reflect and meet the needs of diverse communities.

This week for your project, you will create an insert to be placed in your employee handbook on teamwork and the importance of diversity. This portion of your project will require you to conduct research. Include an APA formatted reference page that has a minimum of 2 academic sources, such as a book or an academic scholarly journal. Academic scholarly journals can be access through the Rasmussen Online Library.

In a minimum of 3 pages, please include the following:

Discuss what it means to display helpful and constructive contributions to work tasks.
Explain why it’s important to demonstrate professional and courteous behavior when engaging with patients as well as colleagues and how it can affect patient outcomes.
Describe current challenges and barriers within the medical profession based on culture, gender, and religious differences.
Describe some of the benefits of having a diverse workforce within the medical environments.
Module 4

Stress can affect your health and wellbeing if it is not properly addressed. Stress during the workday can leave you with a head and muscle aches, and less patience for the people you work with. If let continue, long term problems such as high blood pressure, depression and other illnesses can occur.

Most health care workers could benefit from learning some stress reduction techniques that are easy to implement and don’t require a large investment. Prepare a 1-2 page handout that you can share with the staff on ways to relieve stress.

Module 5

Soft skills are just as important as technical skills when working with patients in the office. It is also critical to have these skills when working with team members.

For this final part of the Employee Handbook, you will be preparing a PowerPoint presentation that will be shared with all new employees. Your presentation should include:

An overview of at least four soft skills that are essential when working with patients and team members.
Describe each soft skill’s importance within your organization when engaging with team members and patients.
How one can develop and improve upon each soft skill.
If you are new to creating a PowerPoint presentation, the following free tutorial website – – will walk you through how to get started.

This is another website for using PowerPoint – – but you need to use Internet Explorer to access it.

Part II

You section of the Employee Handbook is now complete! This week you will be compiling your course project. You will need to create:

a cover page
a table of contents
1-2 paragraphs summarizing the material you have prepared
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