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I’m working on a Engineering project and need support to help me study.
The project will be designed on a 1,000 ft x 1,000 ft piece of land and must include a variety of elements including, but not limited to, paths, sports fields, ponds, picnic areas, seating areas, parking areas, etc.

  1. CAD Drawings – MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TITLEBLOCKSTeams will submit multiple CAD drawings to depict the different areas of their park. One printout will show the overall layout with other printouts showing the designs of the individual components.The layout must include at least 1 parking area, 1 sports field, paths, and at least 1 other recreational feature (i.e. playground, pond, picnic area). Dimensions of sports fields can be found online.CAD drawings must be printed in monochrome with Color 8 printing gray. The drawing must be hatched to show the different land coverings (i.e. grass, asphalt, concrete).Dimensions and text must be included on the drawing.
  2. Timesheet – ExcelTeams must keep track of the weekly tasks performed for the project and log how much time was spent by each student. As this is a group project, all students should be contributing equally.
  3. Submission LetterEach group will prepare a submission letter describing the overall intent of the design. This letter should not exceed one page. The letter should also contain the name of all of the students who worked on the project at the bottom.

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