Curriculum Modification

Paper details A. Discuss how you would modify curriculum in the attached “Social Studies Lesson Plan” to more closely align with specific components of the attached “Grace Jenkins – IEP.” 1. Discuss how these modifications would help meet the learning needs of Grace Jenkins. B. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. C. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.



Write a critical definition of the following concepts in the study of everyday life. Your definition should explain the background and essential features of the concept as it relates to the study of everyday life as well as its association with a particular theorist or theorists. You should offer examples of the concept in use and draw on the relevant weekly and further readings. You should write a separate definition for each of your chosen concepts. You should make sure that you know WHO these concepts are associated with and WHAT kinds of critical questions they are intended to address. Using examples to illustrate your answer, write a SEPARATE critical definition of the following terms as they have been used on this module. Be sure to highlight the particular contribution that your term makes to the study of everyday life. Why do we need these concepts? What do they allow us to see or appreciate? Each answer can be approximately 300 words




The essay need to demonstrate about the relations between communication, politics and governing, and what is meant by taking a rhetorical approach to communication. Use course concepts and arguments outlined in Weeks 1-5 (Reading & Slides) and draw on example cases of rhetorics and texts discussed in “AT LEAST TWO” of the topics covered in Weeks 6 -10 ( Rhetoric of : nation, communities, enterprise, choice, future and fear) – Pick the one that you comfortable writing with but try to always linked them together ( Eg. Rhetoric of future often associated with Rhetoric of choice and Rhetoric of enterprise. To illustrate the points clearly, please find a media texts that related to the chosen the topics to support and to be use when writing the essay ( General Medias – can get it Online ) to illustrate the points. I have attached 3 examples medias text but if you not comfortable using these medias in the essay please find the better media text. ** Learning Outcomes This subject want us to describe the use of communication in the exercise of power through reference to rhetoric, argument and persuasion. The aim is to teach student to analyse particular uses of communication in contemporary political economic life, as per the cases they presented and discussed in Weeks 6-10. *** Rationale To demonstrate your understanding of key concepts covered in the course in Weeks 1-5, in particular what is entailed in a rhetorical approach to communication in the study of politics, power and governing; and to develop a capacity to selectively use examples from course materials to illustrate an overall argument. It also tests your generic academic skills of reading, annotating/noting, summarising, paraphrasing, quoting, planning, and drafting and revising your essay. **** Instructions

Use course readings as a first resource before making any attempt to do further research of your own. – EG 1 : Addressing/Demonstrate : about the power and governing/ you have to use the provided reading that related to power and governing to support the points. – EG 2 : if you chosen to to talk about “ Rhetoric of future “. Then you have to use the reading from “ Rhetoric of future” week to support the point. -Only the ( Medias- Text – that you can find it from online – Not from the course) Please also use – Harvard ( In – referencing ) ** Length 1600 – 1800 (Word + Reference) Write your essay as a summary and application of what you have learned in this course about the relations between communication, politics and governing, demonstrating your understanding of the rhetorical approach and the practical steps entailed in this approach, and using the examples of rhetorics and texts from Weeks 6-10 to illustrate your main points. ***** DETAILS FROM THE ESSAY DISCUSSION CLASS NOTE : 1 Explain about – Communication – The Two different communication models 1.Transmission Model 2.Cultural Model NOTE : 2 Explain ( In general not in details like the previous one ) & address about it is used Rhetorical approach and what are the connection to power and governing NOTE : 3 Mainly focusing on illustrate and explain about – Rhetorical approach, connection between communication to power & governing in the essay and through the chosen topic. NOTE : 4 : Always use the Rhetorical : Tools & Principles Provided in ( Week 11 Slide : Slide 4, 24 + ) support and demonstrate when doing the analysis. NOTE : 5 Conclusion – To sum up the role of communication, politics and governing ( Week 11 slide : slide 5 + )



Please each files has comment from my supervisor and I need you follow the feedback and new more work with her feedback and Effectiveness of recruitment, selection and retention of qualified talent in different organization: A comparative Analysis of international and local companies in Saudi Arabia.



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This unit and the next two units may require analysis of multiple research sources, their synthesis, and reasoned conclusions, given available information. Given the challenges you identified in Unit 2, how did the company’s leadership and management respond to each of them? What does your analysis of the responses suggest about the leadership and management styles, strengths, and weaknesses at each milestone identified at the close of Unit 2? Use scholarly and professional journals, and other authoritative sources for research. Note that if there is more than one milestone identified in a given calendar year, those milestones may be analyzed as one milestone. Be sure to include the Board of Directors, those in the corporate suite, and upper divisional leadership and management in this analysis, given the research resources that are available.


Description of Assignment: this assignment consists of three written tasks.

Task 1

In no more than 500 words write a short answer to explain why is it difficult to define abnormality.

Task 2

Compare Biological and psychological perspectives of abnormality

By referring to the case history of Elizabeth who has paranoid schizophrenia, compare psychological and biological perspectives of abnormality. Write no more than 750 words.

Task 3

Complete short answer questions to evaluate how culture, gender and socio-economic group influence the incidence and diagnosis of psychological disorders.


1. Problem Statement:

The prevalence of burnout experienced among bedside registered nurses is on the rise affecting the mental health, emotional health, productivity and retention of nurses.

2. Purpose:

The purpose of this integrated literature review is to analyze the effects of coping and stress management practices inside and outside of the workplace, and its effects on the mental health, emotional health, productivity and retention of nurses in the hospital setting.

3. PICO Question:

For bedside Registered nurses whom experience burnout, does the use of coping and stress management strategies inside and outside of the workplace, reduce the future risk of burnout and nurse turnover, compared with bedside nurses that do not participate in coping and stress management?

(P) Bedside registered nurses

(I) Application of coping and stress management strategies inside and outside of the workplace

(C) Bedside nurses that do not apply coping and stress management strategies

(O) Reduce the risk of burnout experienced by bedside nurses to improve mental health, emotional heath, productivity and decrease turnover rates that contribute to staffing shortages.