Asteroid Apocalypse Introduction In this assignment you will design, implement, and test, a simple interactive game called Asteroid Apocalypse which will run on the QUT TeensyPewPew device. Game functionality will be accessed via hardware controls connected to the Teensy, and also via character sequences received via USB serial connector. Listen Up! The assignment will be graded by strict reference to the criteria listed below. This is not a group assignment. While we encourage you to discuss the assignment and brain-storm with your associates, you must ensure that your submission is your own individual work. Share ideas, not code! A high standard of academic integrity is required. Breaches of academic integrity, including plagiarism or any other action taken to subvert, circumvent, or distort the assessment process, will not be tolerated. QUT policy regarding academic conduct is available in the QUT MOPP Section C/5.3 Academic Integrity. In particular, under the provisions of MOPP statement C/5.3.7, Part (e), we reserve the right to require you to authenticate your learning. You may be required to show evidence of materials used in the production of the assignment such as notes, drafts, sketches or historical backups. You may also be required to undertake a viva or complete a supervised practical exercise. Use of any third-party code library (other than the standard libraries supplied with GCC, ncurses, and the list of items labelled as Exceptions in the following paragraph) is strictly prohibited. Use of code downloaded from the internet, with or without correct attribution to the original author(s), is strictly prohibited. Submission of source code created by teaching staff of this unit in any previous semester is strictly prohibited. Subcontracting, outsourcing, off-shoring, purchasing, borrowing, stealing, copying, or obtaining source code by any means other than through an act of original creation by yourself, is strictly prohibited. Exceptions: you are strongly encouraged to call functions defined in the current version of the cab202_teensy library and the USB_serial library, as downloaded from CAB202 2019 Semester 1 Blackboard Learning Resources on or after 25 February 2019. Do not post your solution in any form of online repository or file sharing service, or allow anybody else to obtain access to your solution in any way. Doing so will be classified as academic misconduct under the clauses pertaining to collusion, especially in the event that a copy of your source code obtained from such a service is submitted by another student, regardless of whether this has occurred without your knowledge and permission. Abundant code samples, demonstrations, and exercises have been made available to support your effort toward this programming task. Written permission must be obtained from the Unit Coordinator if you want to use technology other than the teensy libraries supplied this semester to implement your game. Permission will only be granted if there are compelling special circumstances that make it impossible for you to use the teensy libraries supplied this semester. Without this permission, a game implemented with some other graphical framework will receive a score of 0. Direct use of the ncurses library to render graphics or text is expressly prohibited. Breaching any of the foregoing conditions will result in an immediate and final score of 0 for the Assignment. Deliverables Use the controls at the bottom of this page to attach the following items: Implementation: Submit all source files (.c) and header files (.h) required to compile and run your program. Test suite: Submit a plain text document (*.txt) which fully and unambiguously defines your test suite. This is a collection of concise, effective, and independent tests which will illustrate the capabilities of your program. The details of the contents of this script are set out under the heading Test Requirements, below. Exciting introduction In this game you control a starfighter which must defend the Earth from a catastrophic asteroid swarm. Asteroids enter the playfield at the top of the LCD display, and travel generally downwards. The starfighter is equipped with a potent plasma cannon mounted in a turret in its nose. When fired, this emits a coherent packet of highly energetic plasma (a plasma bolt) which travels in straight line from the launch point. The plasma cannon covers a 120-degree forward arc (i.e. in front of the starfighter), with default firing direction straight ahead. You can fire plasma bolts by aiming the turret at any point within the forward arc. When a plasma bolt hits an asteroid, the asteroid splits to form two boulders. Boulders continue to move downwards, at a new (different) oblique angle. When a plasma bolt strikes a boulder, the boulder splits to form two fragments, which in turn continue to move downwards at new oblique angles. The starfighter is protected by a deflector shield which extends horizontally across the display just in front of it. When the deflector shield is touched by an object (asteroid, boulder, or fragment), the object is immediately destroyed but the shield takes damage. Eventually, cumulative damage weakens the shield and the starfighter is destroyed by intense ionising radiation released as the shield collapses.

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