business and social science Presentation

I will provide 1 main topic and few readings or videos around the topic. You need to examine them Analytically and Critically, not just Summarize the readings.
Case Study Media Posting – Recorded Case Study Presentation (10 min. recording)
At the end of the course, the student will be responsible for recording and uploading their recording of one of their favourite case studies they worked on (10 min. speaking time). You may do this assessment in a group of two people, but you need to agree to receive the same grade. The purpose of your presentation is not merely to summarize the readings, but to examine them analytically and critically. Please adhere to the following guideline:
Introduce the case study – what makes it interesting? Choose 3 to 4 points (Knowledge, ~2 minutes)
Embed the theory – what parts of the theory apply to your case study? (Comprehension, ~3 min.)

business and social science Presentation.

Explain – where does the theory explain behavior? (Application, ~2 min.)
Analysis – which criticism do you have? (Analytical Skills, ~3 min.)

  1. Presenters will be expected to stimulate interest and hold an engaging presentation.
  2. Presenters identify the key issues and arguments raised in the readings.
  3. Presenters will be expected to critically question the case study results.
  4. Seminar leaders must make use of presentation slides and include creative elements.
  5. On the due date, presenters must upload a file on Moodle (note due date!).


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