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Assignment No: 2 Section No:
Course Code: BUS 152 Course Name: Macroeconomics
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The Aim:

This assignment aims to stimulate real application of economics principles related to the three pillars of the economy: GDP, level of prices and labor market. It will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of these macroeconomics concepts by collecting and analyzing economic data. You are to locate and compile data and information on a designated country, then write a concise report describing its economic status.

Your report must include:

· A general introduction

· GDP and its Components: Report on current real GDP of your research country. Compare it to previous year’s GDP and discuss how that reflects on the standard of living of the citizens of the country. Compute and report consumption, investment, government purchases, exports, imports, and net exports. Explain whether your country has a trade surplus or a trade deficit.

· Prices and Inflation: Calculate the current inflation rate of your country and compare it to inflation experienced in the previous year. Is inflation currently a major concern for your research country? Compute the consumer price index and the GDP deflator and interpret the results.

· Labor Market: Compute the current unemployment rate for your research country. How does this compare to unemployment in the preceding year? Discuss the major causes of unemployment in your country. Do all people seem to be equally affected by unemployment – i.e., are some groups of people more affected by unemployment than others? Also, report the breakdown of the adult population for the most recent year for which the numbers are available.

Note that you should state units of measurement for all figures in your report (e.g. trillions of US dollars).


The criteria for grading this assignment are as follows:

Content Structure and References Formatting Total Total (Out of 10%)
15 marks 3 marks 2 marks 20 marks 20 marks / 2


· Project teams of four members should be formed to undertake this assignment.

· Each group will be allotted one country.

· Your report should be of 5 to 6 pages.

· Support your report with evidence of academic research from EBSCO Journal Sources, government websites, newspapers and internet research.

· Use the most recent data available and include a bibliography of sources.

· Format your report as follows:

· Font: Times New Roman

· Font Size: 12

· Margins: Normal

· Line Spacing: Single (1.0)

· Cover page must be attached to the submitted report.

· Due date is Sunday, week 13 – 25 November 2018.

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