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1. Review Case 25.2 on page 448 entitled Burlarley v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Using IRAC, how should this case be decided? 2. Review the Critical Legal Thinking Cases, Case 26.1 on page 475 entitled Vernon v. Schuster, d/b/a Diversity Heating and Plumbing. Using IRAC, how should this case have been decided? 3. Read the Ethics Case on page 546 of the textbook (Case 30.7) regarding Fuzzy Toys LLC. Using IRAC, who is liable to Catherine and for how much. How much will Catherine recover? Was it ethical for Angela, Yoko, and Serena to set up their toy business as an LLC? 4. Explain how buying and operating a franchise differs from starting up a regular business. What are the advantages of a franchise? What are the disadvantages of a franchise? Here is the text book:


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