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book review is a critical evaluation

A book review is a critical evaluation that is not just a summary, but also a commentary that is designed to become a way for you to initiate a dialogue with the book’s authors. It is YOUR opinion about what you enjoy about the book, what you see as the book’s value, and ways that you would like to see elaborations of its content.

Introduction (15 points, no more than 1/2 page)

  • Begin with your favorite passage in the book. (5 pts)
  • Indicate why you selected this passage and how it connects with your experience in COM 321, Health Communication (5 pts)
  • State the focus of the paper and preview the sections to follow (5 pts)

Component Parts of the Book Review (75 points, no more than 2 pages)

  • First, provide a concise summary of the book. Write it as if you are writing the back cover of the book, motivating the reader to read the book. (15 pts)
  • Second, provide a description of three ideas you learned that you find memorable and useful. (state your point, and then offer a few quotes from the book that offer evidence for each of your points) (30 pts)
  • Third, provide three concepts that you would like to see elaborated on in some way and why—for example, describe who might find it useful (indicate the concept, what you are curious about, and in what format would you like additional material presented). (30 pts)

Conclusion (10 points, no more than 1/2 page)

Close with two reasons, people would find this book valuable to read by connecting to a specific idea from the book OR a specific concept from another part of the course (10 pts)

Mechanics/Style (30 pts)

Form is the creation of an appetite in your reader and the adequate satisfying of that appetite (Kenneth Burke)

  • Maximum of 3 pages (5 pages total with title page and reference page)
  • Proper Grammar, spelling, & punctuation
  • Organized clearly into introduction, reflection, and conclusion
  • High readability of the paper (i.e., proper transitions, arguments move forward appropriately, engages with insights and quality evidence)

APA (20 pts)

  • Title page APA formatted
  • In-text citations APA formatted
  • Reference list citation APA formatted
  • Numbered pages, top right
  • Header, top left
  • Font sizes, margins, and font styles follow requirements (12 pitch font, times new roman)

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