Benchmark- Create A Workflow

Please see the attachments for reference.

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a clinical workflow and apply process modeling techniques to solve an EMR problem.

Read the “Integrated Case Study” resource and review the “Oncology North: Navigator Intake Paper Form” and “Oncology South: Oncology Navigator Intake Form” prior to beginning the assignment. 

Part 1: Analyze a Current State

Analyze the “Oncology North: Navigator Intake Paper Form” and “Oncology South: Oncology Navigator Intake Form” to identify opportunities for process improvement as they relate to informatics. Consider ways to optimize electronic documentation and reduce the number of steps.

Part 2: Create a Future State Workflow

Using an Excel spreadsheet or Word document, create a future state workflow that solves the identified improvement opportunities from your analysis with a minimum of six steps and a clearly defined start and stop. The workflow must display the accurate symbols used to indicate certain actions.

Part 3: Rationale

In addition, support the future state workflow with a 500-word rationale that provides the following:

  1. Identify the users of the workflow.
  2. Describe the identified opportunities for process improvement and how the future state workflow addresses these opportunities.
  3. Describe how the future state workflow optimizes electronic documentation and reduces the number of steps.
  4. Explain the effects of the future state workflow on patient care.
  5. Explain how the future state workflow will change based on user needs.
  6. Discuss how to develop an improvement plan to enhance the future state workflow.

Include three to FIVE SCHOLARLY RESOURCES to support your findings.

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