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Beams and/or Elasticity

Beams and/or Elasticity

Topic: Beams and/or Elasticity Beam equation (possibilities include one or all of: Euler-Bernoulli, Rayleigh, Timoshenko), derivation of beam equation(s); nonlinear equations (large displacements); various boundary conditions; general solution. One could also consider 2-D (plates or shells) or 3-D elasticity (system of elasticity); tensor notation; general solutions; effects of nonlinearity. Bell Chapter 20 Active Link 1 Active Link 2 Active Link 3 Active Link 4 Talk about: Damping, over damp and under damp, viscous damping or frictional damping damping in beam system and Kelvin-Voigt material Boundary Condition 3 types of beams with the boundary conditions: hinge, clumb, pin to pin, Cantilever beam Resisenance: natural frequency and other frequency Chladni patterns beam frequency Application Beam equation used in the vibrating system Euler Bernoulli beam theory


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