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1.Describe a job you have had in the past or a job you are very familiar with; indicate the negative aspects of the job and how it could be improved with current.

300-500 words.

When responding re-type and bold this question in conjunction with the answer.

2. A Process Layout is extremely important in the “services” world. How management designs this process is extremely important as it concerns financial gain.

THEN-Think about a “buggy” store (with shopping charts) to a “non-buggy” store that you have shopped at in your city or neighborhood:

Answer the following questions below:

300-500 words.

  • 1.Based on your evaluation of these stores, does its Process Layout help or hinder productivity from a marketing perspective? (Explain, INCLUDING the stores you are evaluating).
  • 2.As a Production and Operations Manager (P&OM), what would you to do to improve the process layout of the Buggy Store AND Non-Buggy Store? (Explain)
  • 3.NOW – What is your perceptions in the way this layout has changed due to the current crisis of the pandemic in your home state?



3.Review the following youtube videos

• Factory Tour 

• Behind the Scenes: Jelly Belly’s -Jelly Bean Factory – Made in the USA – Episode

After review of the videos:


• CREATE a full one page MS Word Document answering the questions below.

• CREATE a title page.


1. How many different varieties of jelly beans does Jelly Belly produce?

2. How are the flavors kept fresh? How is color added?

3. How does the product move through the system? In what size batches? Does this mean the process is batch production?

4. Arrange the basic steps of the production process in a timeline (for operations where no time is given, assume it’s negligible) to determine how long it takes to make a batch of jelly beans.

5. Compare Jelly Belly jelly beans with other brands. How does the production process make Jelly Belly beans distinctive


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