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at least 5 paragraphs about addiction

The Research Paper: Essay #3

Task:Your research paper will investigate issues related to addiction to a particular substance or behavior. Some possibilities for research include addictions to alcohol, cell phones, caffeine, internet, exercise, marijuana, and others. Sources:The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg The Addictive Personality by Craig Nakken “Drug addiction: bad habits add up” by Trevor Robbins and Barry EverittAt least 1-2 additional outside sources specific to your topic(There is an excellent Research Guide for this in the Cuyamaca Library database that includes articles that have been organized by the type of addiction.)Organization:Introduction:

Interesting hook

Background information on habits/addictions in general that leads to the addiction you are researching in particular OR background on the behavior/substance you are researching. NOTE: Because you are using so many sources, you will NOT list the titles and authors in the introduction.

A thesis statement that explains the direction of your paper to the reader.Body Paragraphs – AT LEAST 3

Your body paragraphs will follow the structure we have learned in class. You will have a topic sentence and 3 sets of statement of support, quote in context, and explanation (quote sandwiches), and transition sentences.

The topics of the body paragraphs are your choice based on what you find in your research. You will need to organize the information that you find into at least 3 subtopics that are logically connected. Here are some ideas (some of these could be developed into more than one paragraph):o Numbers of people estimated to suffer from this addiction (could also be in the introduction)o How the addiction starts/physical or mental/emotional changes as the person becomes addicted.o How the substance or activity is marketed/How companies/industries contribute to people becoming addictedo Effects of the addiction (physical, mental/emotional, financial, legal, etc.)o Types of treatment for the addiction/chances of success in recoveryo Laws that restrict this behavior or use of the substance Conclusion:

Restate your thesis.

Summarize your subpoints in 3-4 sentences.

End the essay in a logical way. This may be a general statement about addiction, a call to action, a tie back to your hook, or any other ending that is logical. MLA Format and Works Cited

Use MLA format to construct your paper (i.e. correct heading, page numbers, 12pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced).

All quotes must be followed by an In-Text citation.

List every source used in MLA format and attach as a separate page to the essay. Your Works Cited must match your In-Text citations and vice versa. Important Notes:Each body paragraph must have 2 different sources!!! This means that two quotes may be from the same source, but not the third.You may use additional quotes or paraphrases in the body paragraphs as long as they are properly introduced and explained.You must use both books and the assigned article.Additional articles must come from the Library Research Guide. Do NOT use Google or another search engine to find articles. Don’t forget that plagiarism is cause for failure.This must be your paper written in your words. Every time you copy more than three consecutive words from a source, you must cite it. I take this very seriously and so should you. Your essay must be submitted through Safe Assign in Blackboard. Safe Assign does not “catch” everything, but I can generally tell when the words you are using are not your own.

Compose a research essay of at least 5 paragraphs about addiction based on the information you have learned reading The Power of Habit, The Addictive Personality, and 3 articles. Your essay should include an Introduction paragraph, at least 3 Body Paragraphs, and a Conclusion. You will need to incorporate quotes from all of your sources. Quotes should be appropriate and include the proper punctuation and citation. Your paper needs to be formatted using MLA and include a Works Cited page.

You will need to submit your paper here on Canvas via VeriCite to check for plagiarism by the end of the day on 5/25 . This is a hard deadline. No late submissions will be accepted.

Reminder: Don’t forget that plagiarism is cause for failure. This must be your paper written in your words. Every time you copy more than three consecutive words from a source, you must cite it. I take this very seriously and so should you.

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