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Q1) How does ‘Otto of Freising, The Two Cities‘ (source 10.5) characterize the popes?

Q2) How does ‘Einhard, Life of Charlemagne‘ (source 10.1) reinforce Charlemagne’s status as a Christian warrior, particularly in his use of oaths and relics?

Q3) What does the exchange of gifts depicted in ‘Einhard, Life of Charlemagne‘ (source 10.1) reveal about the scope and purpose of international relations in the period?

Q4) What about ‘Otto of Freising, The Two Cities‘ (source 10.5) makes it a ‘universal history’? How is time viewed in Otto’s history of the Holy Roman Empire? Why does Otto infuse his account with references from classical antiquity?

Q5) How are male and female bodies distinguished in scientific terms according to ‘Trotula of Salerno, Handbook on the Maladies of Women‘ (source 10.7), especially in respect to heat and moisture?

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