How are Internet browsers protecting your security – provide 4 examples with a two-sentence supporting explanation for each of the examples?

    1. Provide two examples with two-sentences about how these protections are circumvented/thwarted
  1. Review two Gmail-plugins (or your email provider) available to help manage phishing and inbox overload. Provide the plug-in name, URL, and a two-sentence description
  2. Compare and contrast the browsers “tor browser”, “brave”, and “Chrome, Firefox, or Safari” from an Internet Security perspective.
    1. Create the three-column table. Fill in five additional security – replace Example A-E. I have provided an example of a security feature (JavaScript Blocker) for each browser.
      1. Security Features Tor Brave Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
        Example A
        Example B
        Example C
        Example D
        Example E
        JavaScriptBlocker Yes Default setting – scripts blocked Plug-in required – Example – ScriptBlock
  3. How many cookies are on your computer and provide the contents of a single cookie?
    1. (Windows)
    2. (Apple)
      1. Google Chrome on a Mac ->
    3. (Various Browsers)
  4. Review the advanced settings in your browser.
    1. Identify and describe two advanced settings that you were not aware of that were configurable in your browser. Provide a brief tutorial on how to access the settings and what are the positives/negatives of enabling/disabling the setting.
  5. Explore one of the free online cybersecurity learning resources provided by NIST’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) :…
    1. Select one of the materials from the Career and Professional Development Section
    2. Provide a five-sentence summary of the resources.
      1. Who’s the provider?
      2. What are the strengths/weaknesses?
      3. What can you learn from the materials? (Be specific – what’s the niche? cybersecurity is too broad of a response)
    3. Explore the specific resource and select a specific training
      1. What training did you select? Why?
      2. What chapter of the textbook aligns with the specific training?
      3. What did you learn from the specific training?
      4. Additionally, provide a two-sentence summary of the content?
    4. Write five questions (and provide the answers) to assure and assess the participant’s reading and understanding of content.

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