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Anthem by Ayn Rand Characterization and setting chart

Complete all six parts of this assignment.

  1. Fill in the graphic organizer for the character Equality 7-2521. Fill in text evidence, the quotation from the novel, and then explain what the text reveals about Equality 7-2521.


Quotation Characterization Quotation Characterization
Narrator’s Description of

Equality 7-2521.

What Others Say About

Equality 7-2521

Equality’s Actions
Equality’s Thoughts
Equality’s Dialogue


  1. Write a claim about a decision made by Equality. How does the decision result in a change in his character or reflect a change in his character?

Remember: What specific decision? What specific change?

(one sentence)



  1. Use the claim that you wrote above, and write a fully developed paragraph in which you respond to this prompt:

Write a paragraph in which you explain how a decision made by Equality results in a change in his character or reflects a change in his character. Start with your claim and add textual evidence, explanation, and analysis.

(several sentences)

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