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This week we’re focusing on the beginning of hip hop. We’re going to target dance, however the creation of hip hop dance came directly linked with the music.

According to Art Historian Robert Farris Thompson in “Aesthetic of the Cool.” the Jamaican DJ Kool Herc armed himself with gigantic speakers and thundering frequency ranges and defined a world where, as one hip hopper put it, ‘the loudest noises were the newest.’ Herc took a conga drum break and extended it across two copies of the same record on two turntables. As soon as one break ended, he switched to it’s beginning on the second record, and the beat went on. This was the birth of Bronx-style break music. In response, no later than 1975, young black dancers in the Bronx were improvising moves to match the new length and intensity of the music. They danced to break music, so they called themselves break dancers.

Thompson also describes hip hop as “a tale of three cities…break dancing and the hip hop sound emerged in the Bronx, electric boogaloo poppin’ and tickin’ moves arose in Fresno and Los Angeles” (Aesthetic of the Cool 44).

For the discussion this week research a person, song, location, fad dance, or element that was integral to the development of hip hop in the 1970’s, 80’s or even 90’s. Initial posts should not be opinions, they should be evidence-based topics. Add in supporting documentation to your post. No wikipedia. No YouTube. You can then add in opinions to your response posts. You can use the guide questions if you’re not sure where to start but feel free to research your own idea as well.

Guide question:

Who was the holy trinity? Why were they important?

Why was NY and CA the hot spots?

What was the music technology that was used? How did it influence the future of hip hop?

What was the role that cypher’s played? What role do they play now?

Did the dance keep up with the music in terms of growth and popularity?

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