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Analyzing a Brochure into 5 paragraphs (200 words each)

Assignment 1 – Audience Analysis Questions & Guidelines

paragraph I .General Typology of the Document

1.What type of document is it? E.g. marketing (persuade), procedural (instruct), referential (inform), conceptual (provide background and theory).

2.What is the specific purpose of this document? What is the intended effect on the audience (perform a task, win support, change behavior, etc.)?

paragraph II .Document Design

1.How does the document organize the space? (E.g. spacing, colored or patterned backgrounds, highlighting techniques (boldface/italics), bulleted lists, and graphics.)

2.How effective are the visuals in supporting the information? In your opinion, is there any information that could be clarified by additional visuals?

paragraph III .Text Analysis

1.What are the general characteristics of the document style (formal, semi-formal, informal)?

2.What is the general tone (businesslike, friendly, personal, distanced, humorous, serious, etc.)? Is the tone consistent for the situation and the audience?

3.What is the organizational structure (narrative, cause-effect, sequential, modular)? How is the language persuasive or descriptive?

paragraph IV . Audience Profile

1.What is the primary/secondary audience?

2.Demographics (age, gender, educational and cultural background, socio-economic status).

3.What will motivate the readers? What biases or preconceived ideas might readers have about the topic (cost, time, etc.)?

paragraph V .Audience Needs

1.How does the document present its arguments? Does it use the right evidence at the appropriate level?

2.What information is excessive, confusing or misleading? Are there any gaps in the information? What questions may still remain?

What additional information would the readers benefit from?

Have provided some files which one of them is the guideline analysis and the other is Toyota brochure which we should analyze.

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