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A project charter is the highest-level document associated with a project. It explains what you want to accomplish with this project, why, and how in a manner that is both easy to communicate to stakeholders, and that is just detailed enough to give those stakeholders an idea of whether the idea is worth pursuing to the next stage. (The next stage would be to flesh out the charter in more detail; for example, to expand any cost assumptions you made in the project charter into an actual proposed budget, and to expand the milestones you may have included in your project charter into a work breakdown structure. The fleshed-out charter is more properly referred to as a project plan.)

With your team members, write a project charter for a collaboratively brainstormed project appropriate for Agile development. Your team’s completed charter should closely resemble the linked Project Charter Template and include the following:

Project scope: For assistance in describing your project’s scope, review Ch. 6, “Final Discovery; Project Definition, Scope, and Documentation,” of The Complete Software Project Manager: Mastering Technology from Planning to Launch and Beyond, with special emphasis on the section titled, “The Scope Document”.
A product requirements document (PRD) section consisting of multiple user stories: Review “Agile Requirements Snail: Feature to User Story to Scenario” if you need assistance designing user stories.
Acceptance criteria/conditions of satisfaction for each defined user story
The team project charter document is attached along with a blank template.

Update the “Team_CMGT410_WK2_Project_Charter_Template_version 04” document by contributing to the team’s project charter assignment.

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