amazon case study

n 2017, Amazon’s international sales were $54 billion (total sales were about $175 billion) and represented a significant portion of their total sales. As you will read in the case, Amazon has been successful in several foreign markets and has been less successful in other foreign markets.
A few questions you should consider while analyzing the Amazon case:

  • what should Amazon do with their less successful foreign operations?
  • what should Amazon do in the foreign markets they have recently entered (e.g. India and Brazil)?
  • should Amazon take a break from its global expansion and focus on strengthening its existing operations?
  • should Amazon continue to explore new foreign markets? If so, where should they go next?
  • who are Amazon’s global competitors ? what is their strategy?
  • Amazon sells many different kinds of products and services. As you develop your recommendations, discuss the types of products Amazon should sell in these foreign markets.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO) has given you the following assignment : given Amazon’s overall performance (US and foreign), as well as the company’s mission/vision/strategic plan and the importance of their international sales, over the next 3-5 years what should be Amazon’s next major step to grow internationally?
(Please note: Mr. Bezos is a very tough boss. You will need deep research, strong arguments and persuasive evidence to support your recommendations. You do NOT want to BS him!) He will only read two (2) pages so be concise and focus solely on your single most important recommendation. (Select and discuss only one recommendation to increase international sales !!!!)

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