African Americans

African Americans

An engraving depicting the 1840 convention of the Anti-Slavery Society, held in London. People attended from around the world, including from the U.S. (Wikimedia Commons)

            During the middle 1500s, sailors from Europe began slavery by taking black Africans to America for forced labor. Essentially, this involuntary relocation was distinctive in the American antiquity. Nonetheless, this trade of slaves was not pristine to either Africa or Europe. This was because Moorish traders exported people as goods in the Mediterranean, during the 8th epoch (CRF-USA.ORG, 2017).

Moreover, most individuals living in the western parts of Africa also owned slaves, who were generally detainees of combats, convicts or the least classified associates of social order structures. Sadly, this seizure and auction of people for slave arcades in America were brutal and frequently deadly. However, despite the difficulties, slaves still succeeded in creating a robust ethnic distinctiveness and their own systems of reverence (CRF-USA.ORG, 2017).

Nevertheless, CRF-USA.ORG (2017) postulates that free blacks during this period tended to be relatively opinionated regarding the prejudice of servitude. Unfortunately, this capacity of self-expression was affected by the black’s residence of either the Northern or Southern America. Hence, even though they were liberal, blacks in the Southern areas still lived under the shade of bondage. Nonetheless, such African Americans, particularly those living in the North, were vigorous contributors towards the U.S community. For example, many Black males registered as militias and struggled in the United States’ upheaval and the 1812 warfare.


This paper brought out a comprehensive analysis on the various experiences and acceptance of these minority groups by 1840. This was through a primary focus on communities such as the African-Americans and American Indians. Based on the provided illustrations, it is correct to deduce that indeed, the minority people usually face extreme prejudice from the larger groups within the same community.

For instance, as clearly depicted, the American government oversaw the removal of 67 communities and relocated them in an Indian society of their own. Amongst the many tribes, the main Indian societies such as the Cherokees and Chickasaws’ were displaced from their own native lands. However, they managed to resettle and even established their Indian cultures that still exist to date. Similarly, the African Americans faced a horrendous experience during slave trade as depicted in the paper. Nevertheless, the liberal Blacks managed to fight for some of their rights and even took part in some American activities as shown.

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