We Guarantee Quality, Affordable and Valuable Consultating Services

We Guarantee Quality, Affordable and Valuable Consultating Services

Our Popular Services 

Video Editing Services

Research & Analysis 

Get comprehensive research, analysis and data analysis at for all industrial and study areas.

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Data Science Services

Finance & Accounting 

Maintain your Accounting and Finance books up to date with reliable book keeping, invoicing, recording experts

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Software Development

Data Entry Services

With 98% accuracy, your data is virtually error-free.

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Telemarketing Services

Transcription Services 

Get 98% error-free transcriptions of audio/video files for your business in any global language at a fast TAT and affordable price

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We at DataEdy, we guarantee you the highest quality, valuable and customized outsourcing consultation services. Be it Accounting, Research, Analysis, Taxation, Software, Writing Assistance, Business Projects, Proofreading, Model Specification, transcription, Finance or any other  you may think of. We have a pool of professional and expert staff in various field, including management, statistics, economics, Computer Science, Business, and Human Resource etc. All are ready to delivered customer tailored quality services.

Our Research services

  • Data Analysis and interpretation
  • SPSS Application and Analysis
  • E-VIEWS Application and Analysis
  • STATA Training and Data Analysis
  • R-Statistics Training and Data Analysis
  • MINITAB Training and Data Analysis
  • Model Specification
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Thesis Topic Selection Guidance
  • Research Design & Methodology
  • Findings, Conclusions and Implications

Business Services

  • Financial Reports Preparation and Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Cash Management
  • Project Management
  • Excel Analysis
  • Financial Investment Analysis and Advices
  • Legal Compliance Management and Advice
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Financial Investment Advices
  • Talent Management
  • Human Resource Management


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