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A module decomposition

Multiple Choice

1. Defining the components of the system and how these components are related to each other is the:

A) architectural design phase.

B) detailed design phase.

C) requirements phase.

D) All of these are correct.

E) architectural design phase and detailed design phase.

2. An example of an architectural style is:

A) pipes-and-filters.

B) event-driven.

C) client-server.

D) model-view-controller.

E) All of these are correct.

9. Two types of prototypes can be done in design. They are:

A) Architecture Design, Detailed Design

B) Low-fidelity, High-fidelity

C) Logical View, Process View

D) Logical View, Detailed Design

10. Java API has the architectural style: _________________________.

A) Pipes-and-filters

B) Event-driven

C) Client-server

D) Model-view-controller

E) Layered

11. Event-driven systems are modelled with _________________.

A) state modeling

B) state transition diagram

C) UML sequence diagram

D) All these are correct.

E) state modeling and state transition diagram

1. The phase that determines how the user’s needs and desires will be achieved is the:

[1] planning phase.

[2] requirements phase.

[3] design phase.

[4] All of these are correct.

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