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A critical analysis of the process of policy-making studied

Interview Questions

  1. Describe the organization that you work for

Board of commissioners of Cobb county, 1 of 159 counties of Georgia, 5 members on the board, Chairman – runs all of Cobb county, 4 district commissioners

  1. What is the mission and vision of the organization?

To provide county services to constituents of Cobb county.

Public Safety, Water, Public services, Elections, Parks and recreations, community and economic development

  1. How long have you been working at this organization?

6th year as county commissioner, 2nd year as vice chairman

  1. What is the annual budget if the organization?

Adopted budget excluding SPLOT – $966 million dollars

General fund – $ 454 million

  1. To whom do you report to?

The constituents of district 4 which include Austell, Mableton, Powder Springs South of Macland, Un-incorporated side of Marietta, and ¼ of north Smyrna west of village parkway

  1. How is policy made within the organization?

From commissioners and also residents can come up with initiatives, organizations, public interest groups, most policy has to be voted on

  1. How are complaints addressed within your unit?

3 assistants, Administrative matter, residents can contact complaints via phone, email or in person, board of commissioner meetings

  1. Would you say there is team spirit within your unit?

No, there is a diversity complexity issue

  1. How are polices implemented within your agency?

The department heads, have to come before the board to vote on new policies

  1. What is the size of personnel of the organization

4381 – full time employees


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