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A communication medium

A communication medium

Paper details Sources: Your paper must use at minimum: one (1) book published by an academic press and three (3) academic journal articles. These should be your primary sources, meaning the bulk of your citations should refer to these texts. You may rely on reliable journalistic sources for additional evidence. Blog posts and other random web sources are not accepted and their use will be penalized heavily. If you don’t have any in-text citations in your paper, you will automatically fail. To be judged first rate, your paper will require: a solid base of research; a compelling thesis/line of argument; and a convincing use of evidence to support your argument. Your paper must also be free of grammatical, syntax, and spelling errors, and it must be formatted correctly. Assignment description The minimum criteria for this assignment is that your paper has to be historical , meaning your paper must research past events and phenomena, and/or discuss changes through time. This means that you cannot just pick a medium like Instagram or the Internet and focus only on its present state, effects, and implications, but you may write a paper that discusses a series of past events and developments that is connected with the emergence of Instagram. The paper is about: Focused on a particular communications medium Write an essay on the history of a particular communications medium, such as the newspaper, the internet, radio, writing, the clock etc. For example, photography evolved out of experiments with the camera obscura, daguerreotype, and calotype, among other optical media. This history also includes the desire by individual artists and scientists to reproduce nature exactly.


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