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Paper is meant to be submitted in 3 parts to make 1 research paper as follows: Part 1. You should select an appropriate topic and create the APA title page and abstract. Your abstract must be 150-200 words in length and follow APA guidelines Part 2. Draft Assignment In this assignment, you are required to build upon the Unit I title page and abstract by including the first three pages of the Research Paper content. In addition, you must include the Scholarly and Peer Reviewed references that you will be using in your Research Paper. Be sure to follow APA guidelines. Part 3.The final Research Paper must include the following: 1. an APA title page, 2. an APA abstract page, 3. seven pages of content that is cited and referenced according to APA guidelines, and 4. an APA reference page The Class is 21st Century Security and CPTED. We can write about anything related to security such as physical security, CPTED, school shootings, event security, border security ETC.


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