Please read the instructions of the Assignment.The first file is the instruction. the second part is the rubric . please read them carefully. I want you please to write about these social determinants of health : one you have to choose it , but not education, second is the physical enviroment , and lastly choose the social safety net. please do not talk about the individual level consider macro- structural level. please propose a critical health promotion strategy that connect all of these social determinants and please no claims. everything must be logic evidence-based arguments. Do not left anything non-cited. As promised, some tips for the Health & Society social determinants of health (SDOH) paper: 1. Read and reread the assignment instructions. All of the information that you need is there – even the marking guidelines and submission requirements. Please note that a paper that simple addresses all of the points on the marking guidelines like a checklist will not received an excellent grade. Excellent papers will provide evidence of critical thinking and discussion that goes beyond the surface. 2. The focus should be on SDOH (social forces and structures that individuals have little power over) not individual level factors related to personal knowledge, awareness or lifestyle choices. For example, if you discuss nutrition, your should focus on how policy and social structures shape the nutrition available to some and not to others, NOT that people should know more about proper nutrition. 3. Education (Do not use it ) as a SDOH of health refers to formally attained education (primary, secondary, post secondary education) NOT health education. Health education works at the level of the individual level to improve personal awareness and knowledge, perhaps even personal skills. IT DOES NOT address social structures or forces the limit people’s choices. 4. You need to propose an evidence-based health promotion strategy (set of interventions) that address all three SDOH directly. Depending on your topic and the SDOH that you have chosen to focus on, that is will mean likely 2-3 separate interventions that make up your proposed Health Promotion strategy. Remember that the SDOH should be addressed directly, not as a trickle down effect. 5. Read and reread the assignment instructions, including submission requireme

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