How did the hunter gatherer culture of the pleistocene era help humans to evolve to where they are now? need a summary of each source and a description of how i will use it, this is an example of the format and how it should look. this is an example How did the English Teddy Boy counterculture influence modern rebellious teenagers in the UK? Havlin, Laura. “Teddy Girls: The Style Subculture That Time Forgot.” AnOther, Dazed Media, 25 Nov. 2015 In her magazine article, Havlin focuses on the Teddy Girls’ image as a means of rebellious identity, arguing that their masculine style was meant to oppose the working class. The Teddy Girls were seen as intimidating to the mainstream because of their masculine fashion sense, often referred to as “Edwardian.” The “put-together” style may at first seem similar to the ruling class they rejected, but Havlin argues that the group, later known as “Judies,” did not waste money, earning a comfortable wage and thrifting for their clothing, taking pride in their image because it symbolized rebellion against the post-war economy. Laura Havlin has written for various British magazines on subjects pertaining to art and fashion. AnOther publishes writing that “blends high fashion and world-class photography,” making this a useful source for understanding the counterculture from the perspective of a fashion expert. This article also features quotes from the photographer whose images of the Teddy Girls are featured. I will use this source to help explain both the purpose of the Teddy Girls’ emphasis on fashion and their rejection of the mainstream working class in 1950’s Britain. I will relate this to modern youth’s rebellion of the mainstream and their use of fashion to make a statement. these are my sources, i need 3 more sources. They do not have to be academic sources as i used, they can just be articles as long as they are by a credible author.

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