The 3 references, inro paragraph and conclusion are listed below: Outline – List out the Six Elements described below (Intro, Counter Argument, Three Supporting Arguments, Conclusion) and explain the key points you plan to make in each. You can list out key points without needing to use full sentences. This is the draft worksheet for your paper. 1. Intro including Thesis: I would rather support the new changes to the nutrition label because it encourages a closer look and more realistic perspective to the amounts and contents of the foods that Americans eat on a daily basis. – CA: The nutrition label is more difficult to understand in relation to consumer age and the label format Burton, S., & Andrews, J. C. (1996). Age, Product Nutrition, and Label Format Effects on Consumer Perceptions and Product Evaluations. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 30(1), 68–89. doi: 10.1111/j.1745-6606.1996.tb00726.x – A1: The new nutrition label is associated with lower fat intakes by consumers Neuhouser, M. L., Kristal, A. R., & Patterson, R. E. (1999). Use Of Food Nutrition Labels is Associated with Lower Fat Intake. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 99(1), 45–53. doi: 10.1016/s0002-8223(99)00013-9 – A2: This study utilized 7 different nutrition labels and assessed consumer’s comprehension and compliancy with each. Positive results occurred with measuring proper dietary management. Levy, A. S., Fein, S. B., & Schucker, R. E. (1996). Performance Characteristics of Seven Nutrition Label Formats. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 15(1), 1–15. doi: 10.1177/074391569601500101 – A3: This study measures metabolic responses to the altered nutritional intake by measure the fat servings for women and men. Zarkin, G. A., Dean, N., Mauskopf, J. A., & Williams, R. (1993). Potential health benefits of nutrition label changes. American Journal of Public Health, 83(5), 717–724. doi: 10.2105/ajph.83.5.717  Intro Paragraph- Prepare your Introductory Paragraph as if it were for the final paper. Use proper writing skills and full sentences. Make your strong thesis statement. This should be about 150 words. Intro Paragraph: The Nutrition Label found on food products has been a point of reference for consumers for many years. Beginning in the summer of 2018, there were a few changes made to this label according to new FDA regulations. These changes included displaying the caloric content in a larger font, revising the serving size, indicating added sugars among more. The nutrition label up to that point had not been changed since 2006 and the initial motivation was to inform the public on the accurate and more specific constituents of the foods they were consuming. There have been various arguments stating that altering the label to tend to the average portion sizes in the US is counterintuitive as it promotes following with the trend of obesity that the US already battles with. Nevertheless, I would rather support the new changes to the nutrition label because it encourages a closer look and more realistic perspective to the amounts and contents of the foods that Americans eat on a daily basis. CONCLUSION: With thorough review of the multiple perspectives of the advantages and disadvantages of implementation of the new nutrition label, it is easy to conclude that this change was an advantageous decision on behalf of the FDA. Although there are references to difficulty comprehend aspects of the new nutrition label, there are more instances where it has proven to be helpful to consumers in regulating their dietary intake. More succinct information around portion sizing and content has allowed consumers to take a closer look at their meals. It has allowed the general public to increase their knowledge for not only their diets but for their families as well. Altering the nutrition label by making it easier to read and attracting the eye to specific components enhances the focus on the healthful and potentially detrimental of our diets. In conclusion, the amendments to the nutrition label have proven to be advantageous to consumers thus far and will continue to promote food and health awareness.

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