You will now select a chapter from our textbook to read as your final chapter (either chapter 10, 11, 12, or 13). You will choose a topic identified from one of those chapters and write an 8 page reflection paper on that topic. For instance, you might want to further explore one of the court cases outlined in Chapter 10, or choose the Idle No More movement. Other topics can include, land claims, starlight tours or police brutality, Gladue, restorative justice, or decolonization—or any other topic brought up in one of these chapters. It can be a broad topic or a specific topic, this is your choice. In addition to your personal reflection and reaction to your chosen theme, in each journal, you will also include supporting materials that relates to that topic. These materials can be books, articles, book chapters, news stories, documentary films, or personal experiences. A minimum of two different supporting materials must be included. All supporting materials (except your personal experiences) must be cited using APA Style formatting, this includes in-text citations, and a bibliography. If you decide to include reference to personal experiences use the first person (such as “I” or “we”). Papers will be graded on critical reflection, insight, analytic skills, synthesis, inclusion and organization of relevant materials, proper APA citation, bibliographic references, and clarity of expression. You will submit this paper no later than November 25th before 11:59pm. Papers are to be 8 pages total, double spaced, using Calibri font size 11. Note, that this sentence is written in Calibri font size 11, and it is the default font on the latest versions of Microsoft Word (2007 versions and newer). The 8 pages does not include your title page and bibliography, these are additional pages. Papers must stay within the 8 page guideline. Thus, they cannot be 7 pages or 9 pages. There will be a leeway of 6 double spaced lines (or one paragraph) over or under the 8 page guideline. The title page must include your full name, the date, the course name and course code, name of course assignment, and your instructor’s name. Margins must be the Microsoft Word default margins (1 inch all around for Microsoft Word 2007 and newer). Page numbers must also be included at the bottom right hand corner of each sheet. The grading rubric for the Chapter Reflection Paper is as follows: Chapter Reflection Paper Component Mark Breakdown Eight pages double spaced, 1 inch margins, Calibri font size 11, complete title page, and page numbers /3 APA style in-text citation and reference list /3 Inclusion and reflection on a key theme from either Chapter 10, 11, 12, or 13 /4 Use of at least two supporting materials (books, articles, book chapters, news stories, documentary films, or personal experiences) /4 Critical reflection, insight, analytic skills, synthesis, inclusion and organization of relevant materials, and clarity of expression /3 Readability, flow, logic, spelling, and grammar

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