Select an E-commerce company other than Amazon you think is a model when it comes to the exploitation of E-commerce (EC) technology especially in terms of inventing a business model that delivers value. The EC company selected could be one operating in B2B, B2C or C2C. The company could be a pure virtual business, Bricks-and-Clicks or Factory Direct. In this part you should: 1. Visit the company’s website to find additional information about the company. On the basis of this information analyze the business. Include a description of the organization’s features, such as products and services, possible important business process, structure, environment, 2. Analyse the company’s industry using Porter’s 5 forces model, 3. Carry out a thorough analysis of the company’s EC presence. To this end 4. Provide a synthesis on the lesson you learned from the case company when it comes to inventing business models and strategies that deliver value and profit. 5. Think ahead, and imagine what is next? How the company could ensure a continuity of its success. Search on the Internet, be innovative!

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