All students enrolled in His112-D02P for the fall of 2019 are required to submit a History Journal on Monday, 2 December as noted in the Course Syllabus. A complete journal will include twelve article evaluations written by the student. Each of the evaluations should be completed in accordance with the dates listed below. In selecting articles for evaluation, students may use consider content related to topics and or countries and empires from any of the chapters from 14-33) as they relate to the current international news cycle. The articles should be related to history (American or World), archaeology, economics, military events, religion, culture or race. Sources: Articles can be obtained via the World History In Context database on the TCC Library Website, Major News websites (Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic Magazine,,,,,,,,,,, etc.) If you have a question about a resources, feel free to ask me in advance. ***When writing your evaluations, please remember that page spacing must be 1” margins all around the page and that the acceptable fonts are Arial/Times New Roman 11 or 12. His 112 Article Evaluation (Template) I. Source Information • Name of the Article • Author/Editor of the Article • Publication/Website/Source • Date of publication II. Summary of the article (The summary is to be written in your own words after reading the article. The summary should be at least two to three paragraphs) III. Personal View of the subject of the article (or how it is written): • One paragraph IV. Vocabulary • It article evaluation must contain two terms with explanations that you either did not know before reading the article, or that is particularly relevant to the article. I only need 11 articles not 12. Please see my attached document for example. I only need 1 article a page.

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