This is a culture exploration paper, it should cover these following questions such as “How do you feel as a foreigner there? Do you speak the language? What differences in communication (verbal and nonverbal) do you observe? What other differences do you notice?” *The writer of this article should pretended to be a foreigner from China who went to visit Mormon Temple Square at Salt Lake City in the United States. *Make some connections with the text book from Chapter 5 Connections between Course & Field Experience Source Report clearly links ideas from Field Experience to themes and concepts presented in course and related readings. Author cites materials from course to support description and evaluation in Field Experience. Author paraphrases any information taken from said materials. * Text Book is in the (Make connection with Chapter 5)12 pt. font Double-spaced 1-inch margins Times New Roman/Arial font Paragraphs (indent first line and no spaces between paragraphs) APA guidelines (Links to an external site.) for citations.

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