Description The essay should be a critical analysis of the overall topic and the specific arguments made by the author. Analysis should include most of the following key topics/themes: 1. What is the purpose of the book? 2. The author raises fundamental questions surrounding remorse, forgiveness, and evil, what arguments does the author specifically make regarding these points? And why is understanding or finding answers to these questions vitally important in the context of violent conflicts between groups? 3. What does Gobodo-Madikizela evaluate the process and role of the truth commission and/or international criminal tribunal? 4. How does Gobodo-Madikizela say about individual criminal responsibility and structural/systematic crimes? 5. What for Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela is justice? 6. Conclude with comments/reflections/observations on the book generally, and on the following excerpts: “I have asked how conscience gets suppressed to the point where people can allow themselves to commit horrible acts against others. Should one ask as well what kind of society or ideology enables such suppression? Or is the question better illuminated by a consideration of group dynamics? Was de Kock simply “caught up” in apartheid’s grand plan of corruption?” (p.52) These topics/themes should be discussed in an integrated essay form, and not treated as separate sections.

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